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Crafting your Book of Becoming Light

Soul Tranformations

Crafting Your Book of Light

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Books of the Afterlife are often seen merely as charms for the dead, but the initiate, the priest and the scribe who understood the contents of those books was greatly blessed by the gods. What we call the Book of the Dead, the ancients knew as The Book of Coming Forth in Light. Contemplating our deaths, articulating our desires, our ethics, foibles and truths was life practice for a benevolent future life in Akhet, or Light Land.

In this workshop we examine and discuss the various chapters of the Book of the Dead, the New Kingdom text. The writing practice in which we engage will take us through each section of the several chapters of this book. Illustrating one's personal book can also become a powerful meditation, similar in construction to the transformative Red Book of Carl G. Jung. Rather than being morbid, this work is a celebration of light, life and personal and divine truth.

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About Normandi Ellis

Rev. Normandi Ellis directs the metaphysical program at Chesterfield Spiritualist College, is a clairvoyant medium, astrologer and an ordained arch priestess of Isis. Among her 14 books are Awakening Osiris, Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt, Imagining the World into Existence, and most recently Hieroglyphic Words of Power.

For over 30 years she has led pilgrims in Egypt translating hieroglyphs on walls in tombs, in temples, in dreams and in dream chambers.

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