Creating the Inner Temple + Initiations in the Inner Temple

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Creating the Inner Temple | Initiations in the Inner Temple

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PART ONE: Creating the Inner Temple  - Work with Thoth and Ptah to create the indwelling temple of your soul. As this temple becomes more active vivid, you will learn to do rituals and practices for personal and global transformation. In this temple we connect with beings and deities on the astral and inner planes to create more harmony.

PART TWO: Initiations in the Inner Temple - Learn to activate your clairvoyant capacities, travel through the halls of the underworld and meet your helpers and your shadows. Find the lost and separated parts of your ba during soul retrieval, Learn to walk simultaneously in two worlds. Find radical forgiveness.


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About Normandi Ellis

Rev. Normandi Ellis directs the metaphysical program at Chesterfield Spiritualist College, is a clairvoyant medium, astrologer and an ordained arch priestess of Isis. Among her 14 books are Awakening Osiris, Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt, Imagining the World into Existence, and most recently Hieroglyphic Words of Power.

For over 30 years she has led pilgrims in Egypt translating hieroglyphs on walls in tombs, in temples, in dreams and in dream chambers.

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