The Great Shedding

Facilitated by Isis Indriya and Eve Bradford
with Special Guests TBA

Starting December 21st (Winter Solstice)
Every Monday at 6-8pm PST for 7 Weeks
with personal ritual morning and evening practices
for people to do in their own, outside of the sessions.

7 Session Immersion (Every Monday for 7 weeks)
Dec 21, 2020 - Feb 1, 2021
Online via Zoom

A Call is Rising

In this time of the Great Unknown, a time that evokes the necessity of deep listening, adaptability, and the willingness to face rapid change, we all can hear the call if our ears are open.

A call for each and every one of us to rise to our station, as pillars, as leaders, as children of the sacred wild, and join in a council of those dedicated to walking through the storm in order to offer our nectar to the belly of the beast.

The time of the Great Shedding has arrived. The shedding of an old skin that carries old programs and inherited patterns of perception and behavior. The time when we must travel all the way through the birth canal tender and free of the old skin in order to be reborn with a new skin, new perspective, and new ideas to become creative, proactive collaborators in these times foretold.

The only way out is through. And as we travel through, we tend to the internal spark so we can feed the collective flame that holds a torch for us all to carry, to follow, to forge a new pathway into the future our hearts know is possible.

Over the course of these 7 weeks, we will be introduced to the original archetypes of the Compass Oracle. These archetypes are our innovation and integration of the original archetypes of the Tarot and the Sephirot of the Tree of Life.

In each session we will deepen in the archetypes through exploring the various mythologies of the archetypes and Elemental Houses. We further engage through practices such as: embodiment, writing, guided journey work, sigil craft, and much more. Each session will culminate in a group ritual practice to maintain the relationships and exchange between the Divine, Natural and Human realms.

This is a living system we are engaging with collectively, and as we journey together through this 7 week experience, the entirety of our lives will become the landscape within which the living myth unfolds.




  • 7 Weekly Sessions (every Monday evening) with supplemental materials and practices
  • Access to Online Portal where videos and materials will be housed
  • Oracular Technologies & Mythopoetic Embodiment Practice
  • Individual & Collective Ritual Practice

Those that find their way here, let us gather in council bringing the breath of life to the inner spark and become torchbearers, lighthouses for our own selves and for all who may need the light to find the way home again.