An Online Self-Study Course

Opening the Doorway to Shakti:

Ganeśa Sādhanā


Led by Aude Barras
Tantric Practitioner, Intimacy Guide, Seeker of Truth


This 4-week self-study course recorded live, "Opening the Doorway to Shakti: Ganeśa Sādhanāis part of a 3-Part Series and a pre-requisite for the third course starting in July 2024. Learn more about the 3-Part Series below and the upcoming weekend immersion in Nevada City, CA in April 2024!



Devī is Sanskrit for the Goddess, the self-effulgent light of consciousness, the Divini Mother and all-pervading Shakti. By honoring Devī, the omnipresent cosmic energy permeating the whole existence, we honor ourselves and all of life.


Indeed, we do not need to be empowered rather we simply need to remember the power that we are. 


In this course, Aude Barras, Tantric Practitioner and Intimacy Guide, will lead us on a journey of remembrance through storytelling and practice. It is an invitation to establish a first encounter with Devī or deepen a life-long intimate relationship.

Opening the Doorway to Shakti: Ganeśa Sādhanā

At the temple entrance, we pay homage to Ganeśa, the bestower of boons and the remover of obstacles. We ask for his blessing as we embark on this journey towards the inner sanctum of our hearts. He is the gatekeeper, who resides in the Muladhara chakra, the seat of kundalini, and is the embodiment of pure potentiality. 

Over four classes, this course will cover the following topics:

Session 1:  Introduction to Tantric Sādhanā
  • What is Shakti?
  • What is Sādhanā? 
Session 2:  A Map of the Cosmos - The 36 Tattvas
  • The Tattvas- the building block of the universe
  • Elemental Practice 
Session 3:  Ganeśa - Ganeśa the Lord of Multitude 
  • Practice to remove obstacle 
  • Establishing a Sādhanā
Session 4:  Ganeśa – Remover of Obstacles  
  • Mythology of Ganesh 
  • Visualization and Mantra

Join Aude Barras on a year-long journey of devotion. 


This 4-week self-study course recorded live, "Opening the Doorway to Shakti: Ganeśa Sādhanāis part of a 3-Part Series and a pre-requisite for the third course starting in July 2024. Learn more about the 3-Part Series below and the upcoming weekend immersion in Nevada City, CA in April 2024!



  • COURSE I (THIS COURSE): Enter the Doorway to Shakti - This 4-session self-study course embraces you at the temple entrance, where we pay homage to Ganeśa and receive an introduction to Devī, the omnipresent cosmic energy permeating the whole existence.

  • COURSE II: Invoking Shakti: Durga Sādhanā - this is a 4-week live online course began April 4 2024, and continues during Navaratri, the 9-day festival dedicated to the Goddess-- an auspicious time to have deeper access to her field! LEARN MORE & REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE HERE

  • COURSE III: Embodying Shakti: The Navadurgas  - This is a 10-week course from July 2024 to September 2024 in preparation for Fall Navaratri, which takes place from October 3 to 11, 2024. More information to come. 

    Note, Course I and Course II are prerequisites for this course. If you miss the first two courses live, you can watch the self-study replays to join Course III.



  • Śṛṅgāra Rasa - Unveiling the Essence of Creative Love in Nevada City, CA: 
    An in-person weekend immersion from April 26 through April 28, 2024 in Nevada City, CA. More details to come!

  • Mary Magdalene 11-Day Pilgrimage on Cathar Land (Southern France) - In September 2024, we invite you to join Aude on a mystical Journey into the Mystery of the Rose and Mary Magdalene. (Priority will be given to students for the pilgrimage).

More info on the above programs will be provided in future months. If you miss any of the modules live, they will be available as self-study on-demand courses.


"More than ever before in times of darkness and turmoil Your light matters. Anyone who feels the call of the Mother and inherently knows that Love is the answer will resonate with the beauty and depth of these devotional teachings"

- Aude Barras

What previous students say about Aude's courses:

“Life makes presents, presents that you need. Meeting Aude five years ago is one of these gifts. The process initiated by this encounter changed my life! I’m so grateful for what is unfolding within my being which was catalyzed by the precious human and spiritual wisdom revealed in these teachings. I feel better than ever; connected to my heart and the infinite Love of the Universe. Thanks to all the practices transmitted and integrated in my daily life I feel my feminine power embodied.”

 Aline- Sion, Switzerland

“What I found in these teachings was the map for a particular path home to myself. My feminine. My sensual. My softness and my strength. It has created such beautiful new vistas inside me that I never knew I needed. Because it is hidden so deeply beneath the stories that until I found it I didn’t even know it was missing. Aude is a truly gifted teacher and a powerful guide of love and light as we gently enter the unknown. I recommend this class to everyone. It is both profound and joyous.”

 –Tanya Kazeminy – London -UK

“I found these teachings to be a deep invitation into the strength of softness and the grace of feminine power. It is still finding its own way into my life and Being. I am very grateful for Aude’s integrity and passion which permeate her work. The initiation into the space of “what if Love is just the beginning” met that same question in my own heart and it has been growing inside me like an ancient recognition. The time has come to really Be what we have always known. To begin, now that we have re-membered what was severed” 

–Ayala – London - Uk

Meet Aude Barras

Aude Barras is a seeker of truth and a practitioner of beauty. She is deeply immersed in Śrī Vidyā, a Shakta Tantra lineage, and her life is devoted to the worship of  Devī – the Goddess.  A student of the arts of beauty, for the past decade she has been under the guidance of many masters throughout the world. Her life is in service guiding people into remembering their divine essence by allowing herself to be a channel for love. 

Her vision is to preserve ancient wisdom by creating temples of beauty to celebrate and honor the arts of the divine feminine, spaces where pleasure is revered as sacred medicine – a safe haven for students and devotees of beauty. All her endeavors are a prayer, an offering to the Divine Mother.

Half Swiss-Canadian, Aude currently splits her time living between India and Cathar Land in France.

Aude's Story:

In our fast-paced world, where everything is about instant gratification, this program offers a steady and integrated path to cultivate an intimate relationship with Devi, the Goddess, and the truth of being. The program embraces the patient and devotional approach of wisdom, providing a safe and supportive environment for you to unravel and transform over time. We will create a sangha, a committed community of kindred spirits, walking together with unwavering integrity and love.

Feeling very turmoiled as a child, I found yoga and meditation in my early teens and it became my saving grace. Knowing that intimacy and beauty were the way,  for the last 15 years I've been seeking an avenue to connect to Truth. After years of exploring different paths (Taoism, Shamanism, Neo-Tantra)  in a moment of despair, the Goddess graced me with a lineage, Śri Vidya (the wisdom of Auspiciousness) that opened a doorway to developing an intimate relationship with the divine. 

For the past six years, I have walked the path of devotion under the blessed guidance of Maa Uma-Parvathi Natha. This journey has become the very breath of my life, a complete immersion in teachings that resonated with the deepest longing of my heart - the yearning to merge the masculine and feminine, the human and divine, within the ecstatic embrace of Oneness.

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Join us beginning on this journey of remembrance. 


The nature of the course is to share ancient wisdom to connect you back to the essence of being. In a world filled with the tension of doing and focused on performance, these teachings are an opportunity to connect to something wider than the self and melt all that you thought into the lap of the Mother/ the gaze of Love.