An Online Self-Study Course

Gateways to Ancient Egypt/Kemet:

Entering the Body of the Neteru as Temples & Portals


Led by Isis Indriya & Marza Millar

4 Insightful Modules 

$222 (Monthly Plans Available)


Are you curious about the power of sacred sites and the mysteries of ancient Egypt/ Kemet?

In this new 4-part course with Isis Indriya and Marza Millar, you will learn about the ancient wisdom of Kemet (now known as Egypt), understand the inner-workings of the ancient temples, how they were used to receive transmissions from the cosmos, and connect with the divine principles of creation, the Neteru.

Unveiling the Cosmic Blueprint

This course is designed to take you through the heart of Kemet. You'll gain insights into how this ancient civilization perceived, created, and ritually tended to mapping the Cosmos in the Holy Lands. This wisdom is deeply embedded in the Egyptian Temples, each serving as a living testament to the order of the cosmos.

Throughout this course, you'll also explore the teachings of the Neteru—the divine principles that underlie all of creation. These weren't mere beliefs but practical pathways to higher understanding. You'll gain a profound understanding of how the Egyptians harmonized with these cosmic forces, utilizing their energies to build a society that thrived for millennia.


Opening to Cosmic Transmission

We will also delve into the intricate technologies and methods used by the people of Kemet to receive transmissions from the Cosmos. These insights permeated every facet of their lives, shaping their architecture, healing practices, governance, and spirituality. 

By studying these ancient technologies, you'll open your own inner faculties to receive transmissions and develop a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things. These gateways will empower you to engage in the practice of transmutation—a process that elevates you from a more mundane and egoic state of consciousness to higher levels of consciousness. As our world undergoes unprecedented change, these ancient teachings offer invaluable guidance for navigating the shifting sands of our reality.


Meet Your Guides

In this course, you will be guided by luminaries in their respective fields. Marza Millar, an esteemed Elder, Medicine Woman, Healer, and Teacher, brings her ancestral heritage and extensive experience in medicine ways to enrich your learning. Isis Indriya, a dedicated Egyptian Pilgrimage Guide, Educator, Community Builder, and Founder of The Academy of Oracle Arts, blends contemporary insight with ancient wisdom, offering you a comprehensive exploration of Kemet's profound teachings.

Both Marza and Isis have devoted their lives to the study of Kemet/Egypt, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience across various domains. Their shared enthusiasm for merging their distinctive areas of expertise promises an in-depth exploration of the ancient teachings of Kemet.

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Course Program:


Module 1: Portals of Egypt: The Anatomy of the Temples & Neteru
  • Uncover the Anatomy of the Neteru and the Temples along the Nile by gazing into the cosmovision of the ancient world, “that which is above is that which is below.”
Module 2: Portals of Transmutation
  • Discover the living energy within the Egyptian Temples, the technology of these sacred centers as Portals, and the tracking of the light and sun to aid in receiving transmissions to support transmutation. 
Module 3: Portals of the Ancient Future
  • Learn the interdependent nature and intelligence of the three realms: Human, Natural, and the Cosmos, and how to use the ancient Egyptian portals to awaken internal channeling faculties and apply them in the contemporary world.
Module 4: Portals of Time 
  • Understand the inner gateways of consciousness to access the Akashic Records in relation to the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid.

What previous students say about courses from Marza and Isis:

“I have personally experienced the profundity of Isis Indriya’s teachings… when Isis teaches she draws from many lineages and traditions, weaving together golden threads of learning across centuries.” 

-Nat Kelley

“Isis Indriya has to be one of the most inspiring and foremost women and humans in our growing global conscious community. Isis is an incredible teacher, truly embodying the wisdom of ritual and oracle arts.”  

- Giselle Real- d’Arbelles

“I have learned so much about the old ways of living in co-creation with our planet from Marza - it is a vast understatement to say it has changed my life! Marza’s way of sharing her knowledge through sitting in circle, storytelling and dirt time are a testament to her understanding of the Earth and Earth-based traditions - what she has taught me couldn't be read in books or heard in lectures.”

– Tiffany H.

“I have been studying with Marza for the past three years. She has not only taught me an incredible amount about herbs and energetic medicine, but she has also deepened my relationship with the earth and myself. I have never been in a class that has had such a great impact on every aspect of my life. She truly embodies her teachings and is a powerful medicine woman who is a blessing to those who sit with her.”

– Amara

By enrolling in this course, you will acquire insights to:

  • Harness the power of sacred sites and the Neteru to support you in elevating your consciousness

  • Work with energies to enhance and refine your auric field of information, making your awareness more acute

  • Heighten your perception and cultivate a higher level of awareness transcending mundane consciousness.

  • Attune to Earth's evolving vibrational frequencies, supporting you in resonating with planetary energies.

  • Refine your intuition and deepen your connection to your higher self.

About Isis Indriya & Marza Millar

Raised in medicine traditions from birth, Marza Millar (BSN, MA) is a multifaceted healer and educator, specializing as a Medical Intuitive, Clinical Herbalist, and Energy Medicine Practitioner. Drawing from her Ojibwe and Scottish heritage, as well as formal training in both allopathic and alternative medicine, she also possesses education in archaeology, anthropology, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Archaeoacoustics. 

Marza serves on the faculty of the Academy of Oracle Arts and offers transformative education in prophecy, ancient civilizations, and energy medicine. She has a rich history of collaborating with indigenous elders worldwide, including the Hopi, Hawaiian, Inca, and various cultures from the Andes, Arctic Circle, to the Egyptian Temples. Based in Nevada City, CA, Marza operates a private practice, owns Rebel Alchemy and Ancient Earth Apothecary, holds the fireplace of the Star Clan Fire, and serves as the Directing Minister of the Church of the Essence.


Dedicated to a life of prayer, culture, and community building, Isis is an educator and founder of The Academy of Oracle Arts where she teaches many classes alongside other luminaries. She offers classes in Ritual, Divination, Egyptian Cosmology, and Hermeticism, as well as a 9-month Apprenticeship program in Oracular Arts. 

She also leads annual pilgrimages to Egypt, hosts community gatherings in Northern California, is co-founder of Imaginal Community, and is a lead producer of The Compass at Lightning in a Bottle Festival.

Born in Mesa, Arizona, and raised on the island of Guam, her journey into ancient mystery studies and sacred sciences began at a young age after the loss of her mother, driving her passion for cultural exchange and inner transformation. As a bridge builder, she connects generations to wisdom carriers of various traditions, fostering cultural and social evolution at both local and global levels.

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“During this time of transition, understanding the relationship between the Human, Mother Earth, and Divine Cosmic realms is important in helping us create a more beautiful way of life on behalf of life moving forward.” 

- Isis Indriya