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Decoding Hieroglyphs

Getting to know the system of the sacred letters and engravings that are said to be the symbols and words of the Divine


Led by Mahmoud Khodier

Renowned Egyptologist, Naturalist guide, and Educator

4-Part Course

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Hieroglyphs are the formal Royal sacred writing system of the Ancient Egyptian language known as Khemetic.

This system is made of sacred letters and engravings that are said to be the symbols and words of the Divine: "the mdw.w-nṯr" code.

With approximately more than 2,000 distinct characters, Egyptian hieroglyphic script is some of the earliest and is considered to be the ancestral language to the majority of scripts in modern use such as Latin, Arabic, and Cyrillic. By studying this ancient language, it is a natural result that we dive into the origin stories and creation principles of this root system.

In this 4-part course, we will open the door to the depth of this ancient language system by studying a variety of characters and combinations that can help us understand the comprehensive relation the ancient Egyptians shared with the Divine and Natural realms. Through this exploration, we will open passageways in our consciousness that have the potential to shift aspects of our worldview in general.

It is important to acknowledge the Rosetta Stone, as this tablet is one of few that enable us to decipher this ancient writing system. Without it, the hieroglyphic language and thus the ritual traditions would still be shrouded in Mystery.

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During this enlightening course, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Decode Ancient Wisdom: Unravel the mysteries of hieroglyphs, gaining insights into ancient knowledge and symbolism.

  • Connect with Divinity: Explore sacred letters and engravings, forging a direct link to the language of the Divine.

  • Language Evolution: Trace the roots of modern languages back to Egyptian hieroglyphs, unveiling linguistic origins.

  • Tap into Creation: Delve into origin stories and creation principles, expanding your perception of the cosmos.

  • Transform Your View: Open pathways to a deeper consciousness, potentially reshaping your perspective and worldview.

Meet Mahmoud Khodier

Our Egyptologist and naturalist guide, Mahmoud Khodeir, holds degrees from Al Azher and Cairo Universities.

Born in Memphis, Egypt, he has excelled as a tour guide since 1990, and has led many American, British, and Dutch groups throughout Egypt. His knowledge of Egypt puts him in demand as a guest lecturer throughout the United States. Mahmoud’s gifted teaching style, sensitivity, sense of humor, and genuine enthusiasm for all things Egyptian promise to captivate our group.

He is married and has two daughters, one finished studying Egyptology, and the other studying communication at Cairo University.

He has participated in T.V. programs like History Channel, guest lectured for the Egyptian Study Society (ESS) in Denver, and lectured in Minneapolis, Boston, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Nassau and other places.


"The moment I met Mahmoud on the Giza Plateau, felt his presence, and heard him speak, I immediately knew that I wanted to study with him. Since then, we have become collaborators in journeys to Khemet/ Egypt and my desire to bring this course to the Academy is to continue to deepen my studies in the ancient symbols and codes written on the walls and to learn how to be in good relation with the locals, the land, and the sacred teachings shared. Mahmoud is a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the ancient ways and he effortlessly builds bridges between ancient ways and modern days. Any opportunity I am honored to experience in his presence is a gift that I treasure."

- Isis Indriya


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