A Live Online Course


Mastering Portals, Grids,
Geomancy, Dowsing & Crystal Healing



Led by Marza Millar
(Grandmother Two Clouds)
Renowned Healer, Medicine Woman, Elder, and Teacher  

Live on Zoom on Thursdays
Starting March 7, 2024 
6:30pm - 8:30pm PST

* COURSE INCLUDES: 6 Months | 12 Two-Hour Calls on Zoom
* BONUS: Optional in-person lab immersion in Nevada City, CA (not recorded on Zoom)

$1899 (Monthly Plans Available)

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Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the Earth's energies for profound healing and connection?

Do you feel called to explore the ancient wisdom of geomancy and crystal healing?

Imagine a future where you…

  • Work with the Earth‚Äôs Energies to attune to a greater harmony within your environment and your body
  • Live your daily life in alignment with the wisdom of the Earth for the greater good of all.
  • Understand the natural systems that weave our world together.

This 6-month CRYSTALLINE WISDOM course is an exploration of energy dynamics and the power of attunement and harmony.

With practical techniques and expert guidance from Marza Millar, Renowned Healer and Medicine Woman, 
you will learn how to attune to and harmonize the energies in your living and community environments to promote healing of spirit, body, and mind using the healing power of minerals.

Blending ancient wisdom with modern practices, you will be immersed in Marza’s integrative approach to understanding and working with the invisible energies that influence our experiences, our thoughts, our emotions, and our physical well-being. 

We live in a world where the need to tend to our bodies and minds can often take the majority of our attention. Often we are unaware that silent dynamics such as EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Frequency) can affect our health and vitality.  In this course, we unpack the hidden realities of negative environmental impact in our spaces that contribute towards our overall health and well-being. We see the link between as without so within. Studying the subtleties of the energetic dynamics at play is crucial to our internal health and vitality.

We will explore topics from geomancy and dowsing to the practical use of stone medicine within the crystalline matrix. You will learn to protect and care for portals, ley lines, and other natural systems to infuse our everyday lives with healing frequencies.


This course can be taken as a stand-alone. It is also part of the 3-Part Earth Wisdom Series + Certification Program.


Marza Millar (Grandmother Two Clouds) is your visionary guide on this journey. 


A revered healer and teacher of Ojibwe and Scottish descent, Marza bridges ancient wisdom and modern healing arts. With expertise in Vibrational Medicine, Biofield Tuning, and Plant Spirit Medicine, she guides students to unlock the mysteries of nature and energy. 

Marza has helped hundreds of people and organizations, including the ecovillage Damanhur and multiple Whole Foods locations, align their homes and businesses with high vibrational nurturing energies.

Her own home, carefully gridded as a sanctuary for intuitive work, reflects her dedication to creating energetically clean environments. She believes that any home can be much more than a place to live‚ÄĒit can become a sanctuary with its own power to heal and protect.

 As Marza says:

"We live within a vast crystalline universe, pulsing with energies that influence our lives. Remarkably, 80% of our planet is influenced by electromagnetic fields and other unseen forces. Through geomancy, we can understand the principles of these crystalline energies and attune to the subtle vibrations that profoundly affect our health and vitality. 

As a clinical herbalist and nurse, I've witnessed individuals invest heavily in their health while overlooking¬†the detrimental impact of their living environments.¬†With the right knowledge in geomancy, dowsing, and the crystalline grid, we have the power to transform not only our surroundings but also our physical and energetic well-being. When I work with clients, I work with the energetics of a person‚Äôs body, and then continue to work on their home and their land so they have a continuous field of wellness.‚ÄĚ

As a graduate of CRYSTALLINE WISDOM, you will... 

  • Acquire a practical understanding of crystal healing and crystal grid work to support holistic well-being in your body, home, and the environment.
  • Master dowsing techniques and grid work to identify and transmute lower vibrational energy, thereby¬†nurturing healthy bodies and balanced spaces within your community
  • Learn to identify and transform electromagnetic fields (EMFs) within homes¬†to create safe and healthy environments.¬†
  • Learn First Nations healing philosophies to live in harmony with natural processes and transform your everyday life.
  • Unlock the ability to locate ley lines and portals by mastering the art of dowsing for water, body, and environmental energies.
  • Work with ley lines and land grids¬†to enhance the energetic resonance of your surrounding environment.

Who is this course for?


Tailored to individuals seeking a deeper connection with the Earth’s Energies, CRYSTALLINE WISDOM is a deep dive into the unseen frequencies all around us. 

This course is for you if you are drawn to the ways of natural wisdom and if you are looking to enhance your environment, your relationships, and your well-being.

This is for anyone who feels called to transform personal and communal spaces into vibrant, energetically balanced sanctuaries for healing and growth.



What is Geomancy?


Geomancy is a method of divination that interprets Earth’s patterns such as markings on the ground to reveal deep insights and guidance. Geomancy connects seekers to planetary wisdom, offering a spiritual compass for life’s journey.


What is Dowsing?


Dowsing is an ancient art of finding water, minerals, and more using rods and pendulums. It's often associated with divination or finding unseen substances through the movement of the tool.


What are Geopathic Studies?


Geopathic Studies is a deep dive into how the Earth’s natural energies influence living organisms. It often refers to areas believed to have negative earth energies that might affect human health or well-being. This knowledge will empower you to create spaces that enhance your well-being by aligning your spaces with natural vibrations that promote healing.

Course Modules


Module 1 

Anatomy of the Crystalline Matrix: Uncover the energy lines, grid lines, ley lines and elemental forces seen and unseen within this crystalline matrix that we live in. Tools to use in working with the crystalline matrix of space, time, gravity. 

Module 2


Sick House, Sick People: Understand the energetic patterning of energy currents in homes that can make you sick and affect your well-being. Learn basic dowsing to find correct energy patterning to improve the environment of your home, the land, and your health.

Module 3


Mastering Grids: Craft powerful crystalline grids to transform land energies, safeguard homes, and promote health, while learning to counteract EMF fields and sensitivity. for a balanced living space.

Module 4


The Power of Stones: Experience the healing potential of stones for balancing chakras and extracting negative energies, cords, and hooks. Plus explore the art of dowsing the body for holistic well-being.

Module 5


Crystal Vibrationals: Create crystal vibrational waters and gem essences to attune your body's water and frequency, aiding in DNA repair and Pineal gland rejuvenation.

Module 6


Anatomy of Portals: Understand the use of phaseic time within portals, harnessing the energy of vortex portals, dowsing ley lines, and portals. Learn about Nature Portals and Magical Portals and how to open and close them.

Module 7


Clearing Spaces: Understand haunting, possession, time loops, and disembodied spirits. Learn to build grid-safe zones, and clear land, homes, and people of dark energy imprints.

Module 8


 Weaving the Light: Establish light grids within a land grid and house grid for protection and enlightenment.


Schedule of Classes

(All classes are from 6:30pm - 8:30pm PST on Thursdays except where noted)

  • March 7
  • March 14
  • April 11
  • April 18
  • May 9
  • May 16
  • BONUS LAB IMMERSION: Sat-Sun, June 8-9 in Nevada City, CA (not recorded on Zoom)
  • June 13
  • June 20
  • July 11
  • July 25
  • August 8
  • August 15

For those unable to make the live Zoom sessions, all classes will be recorded and uploaded into the Academy Portal within 24-48 hours. You will have lifetime access to replays.


When you register for this course, you will have the bonus option to participate in an in-person lab immersion in Nevada City, CA (not recorded on Zoom) from Saturday, June 8th - Sunday, June 9th.

During this bonus immersion, you will have the opportunity to do hands-on crystal healing layouts,  dowsing field studies, channeling with the crystals, and laboratory work with making gem elixirs. 

Earth Wisdom

A Three-Part Series + Certification Program:

  • EARTH WISDOM: PLANTS¬†focuses on herbal medicine, shamanic and energy medicine, and vibrational healing.
  • EARTH WISDOM: CRYSTALLINE WISDOM focuses on crystal and stone medicine, geomancy, dowsing, and grids.
  • EARTH WISDOM: SEED¬†focuses on shamanic healing techniques and developing your medicine-making and intuitive skills.¬†

PLANTS and CRYSTALLINE WISDOM are stand-alone and can be taken in any order. They are both pre-requisites for SEED.


After completing the three-part series, you are eligible to receive a full certification as an Energy Medicine and Shamanic Practitioner.

You will have learned ancient healing medicine ways, how to make medicines with healing plants, and how to trace disease patterns that plague civilization to redirect them into wellness. You will also have learned geomancy and how to adjust the environmental energy of a home, business, or land.

CEU and CME are available for nurses and doctors. Contact us to discuss further.  

What Marza's Previous Students Have to Say...

‚ÄúI have learned so much about the old ways of living in co-creation with our planet from Marza -¬†it is a vast understatement to say it has changed my life! Marza‚Äôs way of sharing her knowledge through sitting in circle, storytelling, and dirt time is a testament to her understanding of the Earth and Earth-based traditions - what she has taught me couldn't be read in books or heard in lectures.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄstTiffany H.

“The Earth Wisdom apprenticeship class expanded my capabilities in comprehending and implementing deeper healing in myself, loved ones, and clients. Marza gently encourages students to expand their knowledge and perceptions by learning frequency medicine in harmony with plant medicines, mineral beings, and shamanic practices. The hours invested in the classroom, lab, and on field trips birthed within me a profound life-changing realignment with the energies of the Earth. With Marza's guidance, I got my feet back on the ground, expanded my heart, and walk Mother Earth with a renewed spirit."

‚ÄstAndrea R.

"I have been a spiritual guide and teacher for over 20 years, and I have found Marza Millar to be one of the wisest and most powerful teachers I have ever encountered. Having been on several sacred journeys with Marza, I have complete and total trust in her guidance, her teaching and her capabilities. She has taken me to places both physically and spiritually that I had never been before, and has greatly enriched my life in the process.. Among her many talents, is an ability to make people feel safe while expanding their consciousness - a mark of a great healer and teacher. Above all, she is deeply committed to helping others wholeheartedly, with tremendous compassion and humility. I always look forward to my next experience with Marza, knowing that it will expand the world as I know it and enhance my sense of my own self."


‚ÄúI have been studying with Marza for the past three years. She has not only taught me an incredible amount about herbs and energetic medicine, but she has also deepened my relationship with the earth and myself.¬†I have never been in a class that has had such a great impact on every aspect of my life. She truly embodies her teachings and is a powerful medicine woman who is a blessing to those who sit with her.‚ÄĚ


Meet Grandmother Two Clouds
Marza Millar

BSN, MA - Clinical Herbalist, Somatic and Energy Healer, Registered Hypnotherapist, Certified Massage Therapist, Ceremonialist

Marza has been immersed in the ways of medicine since her birth. She is of Ojibwe and Scottish descent and has been formally educated in both allopathic (western medicine as a nurse) and alternative medicine.

An adept clairvoyant, Marza serves as a medical intuitive and empath, herbalist, healer, and medicine woman. She delivers life-transforming educational experiences for the mind, body and spirit in Vibrational Biodynamic Medicine, Biofield Tuning, Hypnotherapy, Plant Spirit Medicine, Vibrational Somatics, and Wildcrafted Handmade Herbal Medicines, Geopathics, Geomancy, Somatic Healing, Soul Retrieval, and Life Coaching, informed by her somatic, alternative, and allopathic education.

Marza’s work has taken her deep into the Andes to work with the Inca Elders, into the Arctic Circle to work with the Siberian Yupick, and to the tops of the Hopi Mesas, and deep into the Temples of Egypt. She is known nationally and internationally for her teachings and healing skills. She holds the woman's fireplace of the sweat lodge and vision quest at the lineage fire of the Star Clan. She also works with Damanhur in Italy, an Eco Community, as an educator on vibrational medicine.

She owns and formulates Biodynamic Vibrational Medicine line - Rebel Alchemy and Ancient Earth Apothecary and a herbal and vibrational medicine school in Nevada City, in addition to her role as Academy of Oracle Arts faculty member.

Marza’s private practice and spiritual ministries are located in Nevada City, CA and in Upstate New York. She holds the fireplace of the Star Clan Lineage Fir and serves as the Directing Minister of the Church of the Essence.

Pay in Full


  • 6 months | 12 calls on Zoom
  • Lifetime Access to Replays
  • Private Community Group
  • Bonus In-Person Immersion included

Pay Monthly | 6 Months


$320/month for 6 months

  • 6 months | 12 calls on Zoom
  • Lifetime Access to Replays
  • Private Community Group
  • Bonus In-Person Immersion included

Pay Monthly | 10 Months


$194/month for 10 months

  • 6 months | 12 calls on Zoom
  • Lifetime Access to Replays
  • Private Community Group
  • Bonus In-Person Immersion included


Our journey into CRYSTALLINE WISDOM begins on Thursday, March 7, 2024. 
Join us for a transformative experience in understanding and harmonizing the world's subtle energies!