An Online Self-Study Course 

Becoming a Merkavah:

Wheel, Wing, and Harness 

 with Dr. Yosef Rosen

Jewish Historian, Educator, and Designer of Magic and Mysticism 

 3 Powerful Sessions 

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Come immerse yourself in the mystical lore of the Merkavah, an ancient strand of Jewish mysticism born from Ezekiel's chariot vision.


While the Merkavah teachings may be the oldest strand of Jewish mysticism, they provide practical resources for contemporary spiritual growth and inner-journeying.

During this course, we will dive into the historical foundations of the Merkavah and the heart of the Merkavah's symbolism—the wheel, the wing, the harness, the glory, and the tetramorphic angels. These powerful symbols will serve as our guides, unveiling pathways to expanded consciousness and spiritual transformation.

Led by a passionate historian of Jewish mysticism, Yosef Rosen, this course takes you on a fascinating exploration of the Merkavah's rich tapestry. We will trace its diasporic origins from Babylonian riverbanks, where a devoted priest, far from his temple, reimagined how to access the divine to its later transformation in medieval Kabbalah.

While the traditions of the past—visual, textual, material—will be the course's anchor, the aim of the series is to reanimate these sacred symbols so that each of us can use the Merkavah as a vehicle of mystical transportation.


Session One 

By the Rivers of Babylon: Wheels with Eyes and the Prophetic Waters
In this opening session, we'll uncover the historical origins of the Merkavah and explore two of its key symbols: The Wheel and the Waters. These symbols teach us about spiritual mobility and anchor Merkavah mysticism in the ecological realities of Diaspora. We'll map how each of these symbols evolved through time and were depicted in art and the mystical imagination.  

 Session Two 

The Four-Faced Angels: Wings, Harness, and the Tetramorphs 
At its core, the Merkavah is an angelic chariot. In this session, we'll explore the evolution of the chariot as a technology and theological symbol in the ancient Middle East. We'll focus on the harness as that which yokes together the wheel and the wing and how that might empower our own embodied spiritualities. We'll also engage with one of the more esoteric elements of the Merkavah, the four tetramorphs, and see how these were depicted in Christian and Jewish art. 

 Session Three 

The Throne and the Glory: Becoming the Subject of the Merkavah
In our closing session, we'll consider ways that the Merkavah can operate as a spiritual technology today. What are its contemporary teachings and practices? How do we integrate mythology with psychology? We'll do so by tracing the fuller history of Merkavah mysticism, which unveils a path of initiation that, while largely forgotten, can still be alive for us today.

Through this immersive experience, you will:

  • Gain ancient tools to navigate expanded realms of consciousness
  • Foster spiritual growth and inner exploration
  • Develop a profound connection with the divine.

Engaging discussions, experiential exercises, and profound insights await you.

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Meet Yosef Rosen

Yosef Rosen is an educator, ritual designer, DJ, and recipient of a doctorate in Jewish Studies (UC Berkeley).

An expert in the history of Kabbalah and Jewish magic, Yosef works to translate the mysteries of the past into usable mythologies and practices.

His offerings solicit a merging of what modern society often keeps separate: the contemporary and the ancient, the academic and the experiential, the religious and the secular, the spiritual and the somatic. His classes blur the line between education and initiation, as they invite students to reclaim forgotten or censored lineages of Jewish creativity.

“Yosef's teachings are a perfect blend of Kabbalist scholarly background combined with a genuine and kind-hearted spirituality.

What sets Yosef apart is his ability to bridge the gap between historical references and real-life experiences creating a meaningful learning experience that is highly applicable to the present moment.

Exploring his teachings has opened up new ways of seeing the world and when your perspective shifts, it has enabled my whole life to be transformed.” 

 — Isis Indriya

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Please join us as we open to the ancient wisdom of the chariot vision to transport us to new realms of spiritual awakening!