Art of Ritual : Creating a Ritual Way of Life

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Amidst these very charged and potent times, it has become even more important to gather, build, and refine our individual and collective Ritual toolset.


As our culture evolves to be most relevant within the current era, so must are our Ritual practices. 

You will learn to create an intentional environment with a structure and outline for basic ritual practice. Within the series, we will collectively engage with practices for connecting with the life force of Creation and thus make offerings of substance and nourishment. You will dive into the technology of prayer and cultivate our innate awareness and alliance with the Great Mystery.

In this magic-making way, you will refine your ability to bridge the physical and spiritual worlds and make the beauty we want to see in the world.


8 Modules

Over 8 hours of original content about  the sacred science of Ritual

At Your Leisure

All modules have been released and uploaded so you are able to learn at your own pace

Cultivate Your Ritual Toolset

Through experience and magic you will refine your ritual practice

Isis Indriya

Born in Mesa, Arizona, Indigenous to and raised on the island of Guam, Isis Indriya dedicates her life in service to prayer, education, and community activism.

With the loss of her Mother, Deborah, at age of 4, her desire to commune with the Unseen, the Ancestors, and those on the other side has been at the forefront of her life and what led her to Ritual as a way of Life. At the age of 17 she moved to the US and began her studies in mythology & breathwork which led to the focus of Ancient Mystery studies, Sacred Sciences, and Earth Wisdom Traditions.

With cultivation of community at the heart of her offerings, she dove into event production, ritual, & education as a way to create culture. With over 20 years experience in various forms of gatherings, ranging from one-on-one sessions to facilitation of rituals of over 30k people with Wisdomkeepers from around the world, Isis dedicates her life to learning and creating platforms for teaching of the sacred sciences of the Ancients, Indigenous wisdom, cultural exchange, Nature’s intelligence, and inner transformation as pathways for moving forward. Many people know her through the role she holds as one of the lead producers of The Compass at Lightning in a Bottle Festival where she has hosted hundreds of thought leaders and entertainers from around the world.

Art of Ritual : Creating a Ritual Way of Life

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Enter the Temple