A Live Online Course

Zodiacal Apothecary 

Monthly explorations of the astro-herbalism correspondences for each zodiac season


  Guided by Maz Alice & Laura Lux  

New Class Offered Each Zodiac

12 months | 1x month on Zoom for 2hrs
(See Dates Below)

$380 USD to access all 12 zodiacs
$40 USD per individual zodiac


Join House of Origins Apothecary each month as the Sun moves into a new sign to learn about how planets, plants, stars, and people relate to each other.


Drawing on western herbalism, hermetics, and astrology we will immerse ourselves in the archetype of the zodiac sign, bodily rulerships and corresponding plants of the season.   

Each session will incorporate ritual practices to deepen your celestial and terrestrial relationships throughout the current zodiacal season.

Strengthen your relationship to some of the most remarkable life-forces in creation: stars, planets, plants, and your body.

Through a monthly study of the zodiac in relation to the body and the floral world, you will come to see a foundational blueprint through which we begin to understand the mechanics of life itself.

 As above, so below; the patterns of the body mirror the patterns of the cosmos and help us live a life that is in alignment with our true path and the forces of nature. This series will teach you what plants correspond to what signs, how they work in the body, and how to incorporate them into your healing and ritual practice. The Zodiacal Apothecary series will add to your ritual toolkit and empower your magical work into alignment with cosmic forces. 

Each 2-hour monthly session will explore:

  • A deep dive into the archetype of the zodiac sign 
  • Planetary rulership 
  • Medical astrology intro: corresponding body parts
  • Corresponding plant & fungal allies 
    • Excess and deficiency patterns
    • How they work in the body 
    • Ritual allies
  • Ritual practices to use throughout the season
  • Group practice  / ritual

**No previous knowledge of astrology or herbalism is necessary.

All live classes will be recorded. Replays and course materials will be available in a course portal for you to revisit.


ARIES - Tues, April 4, 5-7pm
TAURUS - Tues, April 25, 5-7pm PST
GEMINI Mon, May 22, 5-7pm PST 
CANCERTues, June 20, 5-7pm PST

LEO - PISCES - Dates provided closer to those monthly zodiacs

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Meet your guides

House of Origins Apothecary

Maz Alice & Laura Lux

This series is brought to you by House of Origins Apothecary, a dynamic duo whose workings are inspired by the intelligence of the earth and the cosmos. In addition to handcrafted tinctures, their current focus is guiding people in their journey of internal alchemy through the weaving of herbalism, sacred mushrooms, and spirit-science.

Maz is a multidisciplinary practitioner who works with divination, herbalism, ritual, and astrology to support clients in finding success through transformation.

Laura is a non-binary medical herbalist whose practice merges western medicine and traditional methods, including scientific and spiritual practices.


What previous students say about House of Origin's offerings


"Loved this program! Every week was so well-woven together with both the elemental characteristics & formulas, as well as practices. I enjoyed that it was both very informative and ritualistic at the same time. Thank you thank you thank you! I love how many avenues were given for us to partake in meditative self inquiry - it really helped deepen into the experience outside of just the awesome workshop sessions themselves, which is why I find this to be transformative. It felt truly integrative and embedded throughout my days throughout the whole month, allowing me to truly embody my journey, not just dabble in it." - Isabella A


(From House of Origins Nootropic Transformation Series)


Access to all 12 Zodiacs


includes all 12 months | 1x month on Zoom for 2hrs

  • Access explorations of the astro-herbalism correspondences for all 12 zodiac seasons


Aries Zodiac


Explore the astro-herbalism correspondences for Aries (24/7 Replay Available)


Taurus Zodiac


Explore the astro-herbalism correspondences for Taurus on 4/25/23
(Replay Will Be Available)


Gemini Zodiac


Explore the astro-herbalism correspondences for Gemini on 5/22/23
(Replay Will Be Available)


Cancer Zodiac


Explore the astro-herbalism correspondences for Cancer on 6/20/23
(Replay Will Be Available)


Leo through Pisces Zodiacs

$40 Each


For Sale Later When Dates Announced

Replays Will Be Available

As above, so below.