An Online Self-Study Course

The Intuitive Way:
Awaken and Enhance Your Intuition

with Lianda Swain


4 Part Course

$444 $299 (Monthly Plan Available)

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Come activate and enhance your intuition.


Learn how your intuition speaks to you and develop the confidence and discernment to follow it with more trust and grace.

Learn how to develop a deeper relationship with this innate capacity that you have to guide you to the best decisions, more confidence, and connect you more deeply to joy, abundance, and flow.

Come be held in a sacred space to awaken the part of you that knows best.

Course Topics:  

  • WEEK ONE: What is Intuition?  What is your Unique flavor?
    • Activate and awaken your intuitive sense and remember what it feels, sounds, and looks like. We will explore how yours speaks to you and the nuances that will help you with your discernment. We will amplify your intuition so you can see, hear, and feel it more clearly.
  • WEEK TWO: What blocks and enhances Intuition?
    • We will explore what blocks you from hearing your intuition clearly and what amplifies it’s voice within you. We will engage in practices to strengthen your inner sense and begin to shift your ability to have a healthy relationship with your inner sense.
  • WEEK THREE: Discernment between Fear and Your Intuitive Voice
    • How can we tell if it’s fear or intuition? Or if it’s your thoughts or intuition? We will learn and practice how to tell the difference, allowing you to begin to open up to the wisdom within with more ease and clarity.
  • WEEK FOUR: Intuitive Living
    • We will open to living more intuitively and how it can help you in every area of your life. As we become more intuitive, we get to let it help us in our every day lives from the food we eat to how we navigate relationship, our purpose, and our health.
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Meet Lianda Swain

Lianda Swain is a psychic intuitive who supports women and men to amplify their intuitive nature, heal and awaken their soul embodiment, receive Spirit, and purify to their soul essence.

For over 14 years Lianda has served hundreds of people on their spiritual journey through psychic guidance, meditation, Reiki, rituals, and dance. She has an uncanny gift to see situations and issues accurately, multi-dimensionally, and the pathway to greater refinement and peace. She is a certified Reiki Master and Life Coach with a background in teaching meditation and ways to enhance your awareness.She currently travels all over the world with her work, working with clients privately and teaching in - person and online.


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