Tending The Feminine Spirit 

     led by Lorena Oliveira

     “Moonlight is an immersive self-discovery camp designed to help young women (ages 11-16 years old) tend to their ancient inner essence while increasing their sense of purpose in the world.”

1 Week Immersion

July 24-28th : Mon -Fri

9:30am - 4:30pm per day



Nevada City, CA

The Kell & The Mesa (Private Residences)




We invite you to join us in supporting the co-creation of a world where girls feel safe to learn about their bodies, make intuitive choices, and develop the tools they need to blossom into sensitive yet strong and independent women while being embodied guardians of the Ancient Feminine Spirit.


Girl’s Circles are an essential part of our mission as they provide an opportunity for girls of all backgrounds to come together and learn from each other.


Through this initiation journey, your beloved daughters will learn practices of self-care, self-confidence, self-realization, and emotional intelligence and resilience by deepening their understanding of the cycles and passages of nature and their relationship to it. 


Through youth rites of passage, arts, sacred circle, journaling, authentic embodiment, and a variety of practices, we will explore the landscape of womanhood in the intricate web of life.


We will explore practices that will guide these blossoming beings to gracefully embody their authentic nature making the use of the powers of being a woman in the most beautiful and positive ways towards the web of life.



“When these times of transition are marked, ritualized, witnessed, and supported, it creates a kind of experiential map of self-development.  Without proper rites of passage, people can become disoriented and lose their way on life’s journey”

Lertzman, D. A., in his work Rediscovering Rites of Passage


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Who is this for?

The adolescent girl who : 

  • is transitioning through the beginning stages of womanhood
  • desires to learn the art of ritual, beauty, and living in tune to the lunar rhythms
  • wants to learn the unique language of their bodies
  • is curious to attune to the wisdom and magic of the womb

It takes a village to raise a child and educating women is our top priority in order to accelerate the healing and evolution of Planet Earth!


5 Pillars of Nurturing

Day 1

Self Care

What can we do to take care of ourselves?


Day 2 


What helps us feel connected to Self? Other? Nature? 


Day 3


How do we listen to our Inner Voice, to our Ancestors, to our Intuition?


Day 4


What do we do to be creative?  How do we design our lives in co-creation with The Universe?


Day 5


How do we express ourselves in the world?

How do we use our wisdom to show up on the planet?



One-Week Immersion


 July 24-28th : Mon -Fri

9:30am - 4:30pm per day


A Typical Day at Camp

morning session      9:30 - 12:30

picnic lunch             12:30-1:30

afternoon session    1:30 - 4:30



We are all intimately connected to the moon’s phases and its influence on our lives. 

Just as the moon waxes and wanes, so do our emotions, mindsets, and ways of being.

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Meet Lorena Oliveira

“Lorena Oliveira is a Brazilian with a background deeply rooted in the African traditional practices, the mystical world of Brazil, and the simple indigenous ways of her birth land. Her upbringing was shaped by her family's practice of the principles of ritualism and their close connection to nature. 

Her upbringing has influenced her worldview and approach to life in profound ways since she left Brazil in 2006 at the age of 21.  Her family practices and cultural environment have given her a strong sense of community building. In particular, Lorena's spiritual practices are often centered around honoring and connecting with the natural and spiritual world. She has a deep appreciation for the wisdom and guidance that can be gained from observing the depths of the intrinsic nature of reality.

As an evolutionary guide, she develops roadmaps that reveal the interconnectedness of life for her clients utilizing a range of holistic approaches to help in the advancement of the planet’s evolution. Having received training in various metaphysical schools of thought, she found her deepest calling now undergoing a 3-year apprenticeship at The Academy of Oracle Arts Mystery School.

Over the past 6 years, she has been crafting Evolutionary Children's Programs of all ages including young children across the United States as a visionary youth educator. She started her work with teens in 2016 teaching mindfulness to at-risk high school programs in San Diego, sprouting to Ex-Mormon families in Utah, to Teen Girls Programs in Northern California, and many more. Lorena longs to co-create a world with many initiatives that foster children's awareness and connectedness with highly evolved ancestral ways of being. The intention is to inspire them to change the world equipped with a profound comprehension of how important their unique authenticity, kindness, generosity, empathy, and love are for all.

What previous parents say about Lorena's offerings:

“Lorena's heart is sincere in her intentions to connect with others for the purpose of healing and empowerment. She taught yoga and wellness in my high school classroom for at-risk students. She was impactful, especially with a particular group of students for whom she was a mentor. Lorena lives her values. Her alignment with her soul's purpose allows her to be a divine guide for those who are seeking to find their healing and purpose. “

- Anita


Lorena's Moon Goddess Circle 

My daughter just turned 13 and has been attending Lorena's Moon Goddess Circle for young women for a number of months.  Lorena's presence is safe and grounded and loving and the girls can feel it.  She has shown them new ways to connect to themselves and honor their femininity.  She has been a gift to my daughter's life and instilled in her many of the strong feminine attributes that we hope for in our young women. 

Melanee O'Hagan


Lorena is creating sacred space for children who wish for a profound adventure! Combining Divine Life Skills and meeting in the moment, Lorena’s heartfelt intentions are opening the pathways of our children’s intuitive gifts and talents. 

We are so Blessed to have this opportunity!  

- Sequoia


“I have sent my kids year after year Lorena’s mindful camp, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. The camp was well-organized and Lorena is incredibly friendly and attentive to the children's needs.

The activities were thoughtfully designed to promote mindfulness, relaxation, and self-awareness, and my kids came home every day with a smile on their face, excited to share what they had learned.

One of the things I appreciated most about the camp was the emphasis on connecting with nature. The kids were encouraged to spend time outside, exploring the natural world and engaging in activities like hiking, yoga, and meditation. They came away from the camp with a greater sense of calm and self-awareness, and I couldn't be more grateful for that.”





Full Week Immersion

July 24-28th 

Mon -Fri

9:30 am - 4:30 pm per day


Pay Monthly | 3 Months

$191 x 3

Full Week Immersion

July 24-28th 

Mon -Fri

9:30 am - 4:30 pm per day


Further Information:

  • Every day we will gather as a group of up to 14 girls guided by 2 full-time Teachers.
  • We will host a few extra specialty speakers (dates and teachers to be announced)
  • Food is not provided. Campers must bring their own snacks and lunch. 
  • Age group 11-16 (Through her experience, Lorena believes that children benefit from being in environments where they can interact with individuals of different ages, rather than being separated strictly by age group. This type of approach allows for a diversity of perspectives and experiences, which can nurture empathy, understanding, and collaboration among them.)
For more questions, email us at [email protected]