A Live Online Course


A Four-Month Intensive in Predictive Astrology, Magical Development, and Astrological Magic


Led by Matthew "Merlin" Kenney

Classical Astrologer, Trained Philosopher, Translator of Ancient Greek and Sanskrit,
Journeyman Herbalist, and an Energy Healer

2024 Winter COHORT

January 26, 2024 to June 4, 2024

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  • Unlock the wisdom of your natal chart with clarity and precision. Go beyond psychology.
  • Clearly discern your destiny and identify major talents and strengths you have to pursue.
  • Pinpoint obstacles and hindrances to flourishing and achieving your destiny through remediation and ritual magic.
  • Cast spells with the wisdom of planetary power to transform your life.

  • Cultivate magical & psychic skills, such as astral sight and manifestation which are essential for effective spellwork and prediction.

You've found the authentic magic you've been looking for... 

Traditional teachings of astrology and magic are increasingly hard to find in this world.

Books can feel empty as there's no lineage or community to hold you to the practices.

Or after years of study, you still aren’t reaching the level of mastery you seek.
You know the associations of the signs like the back of your hand, but when
you look at a chart…you sense there is still deeper wisdom to be unraveled. 

You may struggle to connect the dots or feel confident in unlocking the
deeper meanings of your chart and those of others. 

What’s missing? Well, the astrological journey doesn't end with simple chart interpretation. 

If you're interested in astrology, you're probably interested in ritual magic. After all, the ancient astrologers used to communicate with planetary spirits, so why wouldn't you?

Yet, rarely do astrology teachers teach magic, nor do magical teachers teach astrology. Most teachers lack the union of these two disciplines...


There must be a better way... 


... a way to learn and practice predictive, powerful astrology alongside the magical, practical teachings that make astrology a formidable wisdom tradition.

...a way to integrate the astrological wisdom that reveals your destiny and turns your natal chart into a source of power and prosperity.

You need an in-depth curriculum of traditional astrology and magic...


Welcome to GNOSIS: a focused class on predictive astrology, ritual magic, and magical cultivation according to the teachings of the ancients.

In GNOSIS, you'll discover ancient methods of magic and astrology that have been proven to fill people's lives with power and prosperity, as well as initiate them into the inner mysteries of spirituality they've always wanted to master.

You won't just learn hackneyed pop psychology. You'll learn predictive astrology: you'll learn how to use your chart to understand your destiny and future in concrete terms, preparing for everthing life will throw at you.

You won't just learn a static, fatalistic form of astrology. You'll learn magical methods to transmute the pain and challenges of your life into a thriving, abundant life.

You won't just learn abstract symbols and keywords for interpreting natal charts, you will learn ancient techniques for astrological magic, forming relationships, and working partnerships with the celestial deities of the planets.

You won't just learn how to read your chart. You'll learn how to use the power of the stars to fill your life with flourishing abundance and power.


The stars are welcoming you home...

...will you answer their call?



Meet Matthew "Merlin" Kenney in his words...

"I’m a practicing predictive astrologer and ritual magician. My passion is practicing and teaching horoscopic astrology, ritual magic, and spiritual practice.

In my undergrad I studied classical philosophy and linguistics which I draw on to this day in my profession. I also read Ancient Greek, Latin, and Sanskrit, and utilize the insights that ancient authors provided in my teaching and client work.

I’ve given lectures at Kepler College, The Academy of Oracle Arts with Isis Indriya, and Nightlight Astrology with Adam Elenbaas. I also co-run The School of Heaven and Earth with my wife Crystal Woodling, and I teach classes on astrology, magic, and meditation like this one: GNOSIS."

"As I began seeking out ancient teachings of astrology and magic, I spent years groping in the dark, unable to go beyond beginner-level ritual magic and astrological knowledge. Plus, there's not much of a daily spiritual practice that effectively & tangibly empowers you. Everything felt abstract and disconnected from the natural world. Astrologers may know how to read a natal chart, but they can't pick out the planets in the sky and feel their energy.

And I found that many astrologers don't know how to do anything practical with the natal chart. They can't do magic, they don't understand ritual. They only practice one piece of the astral tradition handed down to us by the ancients." 

Your Image
"So I decided to do things differently - to reintegrate the practices of magic and astrology.
To start, I went directly to the predictive astrology of the ancients. No more psychological, modern astrology that doesn't work. I studied and practiced the original, authentic mode of astrology: focused on prediction, giving concrete assessments of destiny and the future so people are empowered and can prepare for their lives.
I began integrating my practices of astrology and magic. I studied the greatest texts in astrological magic and fervently practiced the techniques they contained. I integrated practical elements into my astrological practice in methods of remediation that transformed the lives of my clients.
I incorporated the West's starry wisdom with the astral wisdom of Eastern alchemical traditions. I began practicing inner alchemy, meditation, internal martial arts, and other traditions lost in the West to cultivate magical abilities like astral projection, seeing spirits, and other staple skills of the mage.
And the proof is in the pudding! Alongside the help of our spirit allies, I've been able to manifest:
  • A sustainable 6-figure income
  • 12.5 acres of mature oak forest & healing mineral springs sold to us below the tax assessment
  • Elimination of chronic pain and structural misalignments in my body 
  • Healing generational trauma and breaking cyclical, ancestral curses, elevating the lives of our extended family as a result
  • A blissful, adventure-filled marriage!

And so much more!

I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you begin studying and practicing magic and astrology this way...
...if you integrate the teachings and wisdom of the ancients, empowering your magical energy and connecting with the deities of the heavens...'ll see the same transformation in your own life."
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What previous students say about Merlin:  

Merlin is to the point in his development as a counselor/spiritual teacher that he affects your energetic bodies positively just by being in his presence. The more I work with him, the more it seems that the sky is the limit for healing as well as life possibilities that seemed completely unreachable before. It is truly miraculous.

Rose T.  

Merlin’s a rock star. Gnosis is amazing and one of the best courses I’ve ever taken, by far. It’s pulled together multiple esoteric teachings and practices into a coherent whole, with humour, depth, and a heartfelt approach that Merlin embodies. It’s comprehensive without being nitpicky and based from Merlin’s practical and tested experiences in real life. He took the time to answer every student question with patience. It’s the kind of holy-grail course that you can keep dipping in to over time, which makes it insanely good value.
Jill K.
Merlin, I am absolutely blown away by the incredible amount of knowledge that you hold. I am thankful that you are doing all of the work that you do. I am so grateful for the Gnosis group. The lessons that I have learned cannot be valued by dollars. Gnosis initiated me into one of the oldest spiritual practices that exists -- the ancient study of Hellenistic astrology; and for that I am forever grateful. I cannot wait for the next round to begin!
Marissa M
Working with Merlin is like having a direct line to the Ancients themselves. His extensive knowledge of the classical texts made me feel like I was studying the mysteries in an Elysian temple. I felt like I was studying under Plato himself. I knew I was in really good hands.
Kristina B


Magical Empowerment

  • A reliable method to feel your own magical power and remember your true nature in under five minutes.
  • 7 meditations for cultivating magical power, activating psychic abilities, and becoming the actualized mage you’ve always wanted to be.
  • A secret technique for projecting your magical power to heal, empower your magical rituals, and endlessly strengthen your magical power


Astrological Proficiency

  • A complete system of chart-reading rooted in the hellenistic astrological tradition.
  • Time-tested astrological tools to discover your purpose and destiny.
  • Ancient Prediction techniques to know what will happen, when it will happen, and how long it will last


Conjuration Training

  • Ancient methods of summoning spirits of the planets who will fill your life with spiritual, emotional, and material abundance and wholeness.
  • Spellbook of magical rituals for finding lovers, wiping out debt, attracting clients, healing the body, manifesting abundance, winning lawsuits, and so much more.
  • Ritual timing methods to time and supercharge your magical rituals and align your spellcasting with the rhythmns of the sky.

What Students Have Manifested:


“After doing the Jupiter ritual, I manifested a $15,000 donation for my studio!” - Jamie M.
“Doing a ritual Merlin taught us, I called in a new home that quickly manifested in the exact place and with the exact attributes I requested. Thank you, Merlin, for showing us that magic is very very powerful and truly real.” - Leela N.
“Learning how to work with Mercury and Jupiter magically has brought significantly more business for me." - Jim C.
“During GNOSIS, I performed a mercury ritual in the way Merlin taught us. That same day, out of nowhere, I suddenly had two clients book a session!" - Vanessa T.
“Merlin used ritual astrological magic to free me from over $100,000 of debt. Through the meditations and magic he has taught me in Gnosis, I have reignited my career and permanently stabilized my financial situation. Thank you Merlin for empowering me to become the master of my life!" - ELizabeth E.
“Working with Jupiter in the way Merlin taught me has brought more abundance into my life. Money is just showing up out of nowhere - just when I need it for health and vacations." - Julie T.


GNOSIS teaches a three-fold path of magical mastery: astrology, magic, and meditation.



Decipher your destiny and Predict your Future through your natal chart. Be prepared for anything that could come your way.




Summon the Spirits of the Earth, sky, and stars. Gain allies who can help you manifest a reality of abundance, support, and joy.




Awaken your own divine essence through internal meditations and spiritual practices. Activate dormant psychic abilities and spiritual power

 What Students Loved about the Teaching:

"The spiritual and intellectual value of this course is exceptional and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the subject." - M. A.

"Not only is all the information very important and useful, the techniques that are combined with the astrology adds a depth of experience that most courses don’t even begin to reach." - Amy S

"I have been trying to casually learn/read about astrology but was hella confused more than anything because of TOO MUCH info and conflicting views. I took your course in hopes of more clarity and most importantly, spiritual wisdom on astrology. You explained such a vast topic in a simple and beautiful way - it resonated with me. I have learned SO MUCH, Gnosis took me from 0-100 real quick!" - Mia Y.

"Favorite part was the epic 30 plus paged reports!! Second was the Q and A's and just listening to moreeeeeeeee. And thirdly developing and adding more meditative practices to my bag of tricks, lord knows I need." - Ineisha P.

"The Meditations were so impactful. Just the meditations alone could be a standalone course." - Collen A.

"The Introduction of Golden Flower Meditation was absolutely life-changing for me." - Ashley N.

"My favorite part of Gnosis was the Tuesday practice sessions in which Merlin walked us through a few different charts of famous people. It really helped to see the material broken down and the concepts slowly explained in a mock reading." - M.A.

GNOSIS Curriculum

 Module 1   |   Mysteries


Begin your astral awakening and empowerment by encountering the seven traditional planets and their ancient energies and correspondences. Learn seven meditations for magical empowerment.


Lesson 1 | The Diurnal Mysteries

  • Discover the essence, energies, and astrological significance of The Diurnal Sect.
  • Come to know the deep mysteries of the members of the Diurnal Sect: The Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn.
  • Learn three magical empowerment practices to cultivate diurnal, solar energy.


Lesson 2 | The Nocturnal Mysteries

  • Discover the essence, energies, and astrological significance of The Nocturnal Sect.
  • Come to know the deepen mysteries of the members of the Diurnal Sect: The Moon, Venus, and Mars.
  • Learn Three magical empowerment practices to cultivate nocturnal, lunar energy.


Lesson 3 | The Hermetic Mysteries

  • Discover Mercury. Learn how to use the doctrine of sect in a natal chart analysis.
  • Learn a secret magical practice for feeling and projecting your own magical energy.
  • Begin setting up an altar for ritual magic with the seven planets.

  Module 2   |   Magic


Dive into the mechanics of reading natal charts to remember your purpose. Form a magical relationship with a patron planetary deity, and begin nurturing alliances with local fae and spirits of the land.


Lesson 4 | Terrestrial Magic

  • Discover the power of the houses in astrology, Learn how to interpret the placements of the planets in the houses in a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand way.
  • Learn a powerful method for summoning and forming relationships with the seven planets via astrological magic. Begin manifesting the life of your dreams.

Lesson 5 | Celestial Magic

  • Come to know the 12 signs of the zodiac in astrology, and learn how to interpret the planets within the signs in a reliable, accessible way.
  • Learn the principles of house dispositorship - one of the most powerful techniques for concrete, predictive astrology.
  • Engage in magical rituals with the consciousness and energies of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Feel their energy directly, instead of just reading about it in books.


Lesson 6 | Natal Magic

  • Learn about the detailed, elaborate doctrine of aspects.
  • Learn what the aspects mean, the stages of development and intensity of an aspect, and how to interpret them.
  • Get a step-by-step rubric for reading a natal chart. Receive practical guidance for actually meeting with clients and start effectively sharing this information with them in a way they will find helpful.

  Module 3   |   Mastery


Master prediction through two ancient techniques: transits and zodiacal releasing. Begin incorporating more elaborate elements into your magical practice, and begin applying your own magical power to ritual.


Lesson 7 | Advanced Astrological Magic

  • Learn about remediation - using gemstones, planetary charity, herbs, and more to gently and directly heal challenging placements in the natal chart.
  • Learn about more elaborate techniques of astrological magic such as talismans, magic squares and more.


Lesson 8 | Prediction

  • Discover powerful ancient techniques of prediction - learn what's coming your way, and how to ride the upcoming waves of energy to create more ease and flow in your life.
  • Learn how to do magical elections to time your ritual and capitalize on the the best possible windows for magic.

Course Structure


There are eight lessons, each of which contains a written component, a Q&A, and a practice section on either meditation or natal chart reading.

The structure for each lesson is as follows:

  • At the beginning of a lesson, you will receive the lesson materials to study via email on a Friday, beginning with January 26th.
  • The LIVE practice sessions will occur on Tuesdays at 7:00pm Eastern time.
  • The Q&A’s will occur on alternating Tuesdays at 7:00pm Eastern time. 

How long is each class?

  • Practice sessions last for an hour. Q&A’s go as long as they need to go until everyone has their questions answered and everyone feels like they have a sufficient grasp of the material.

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What you get with GNOSIS...

8 written lessons on magical empowerment, classical astrology, and ancient ritual magic.
8 live Q&A sessions
Ends when there are no more questions left and all students are on track.
8 live group meditation sessions to awaken your inner power and activate your innate magical abilities.
3 group magical rituals to call in abundance, wisdom, and good fortune.
Monthly New Moon Plant Diet to align your body and mind with the lunar cycles.
Biweekly homework and Astrology practice assignments to permanently ingrain this knowledge into your being.
Exclusive access to a supportive community of practitioners to hold you in the learning process and help you succeed at magic.
Lifetime access to all the written and recorded material so you revisit as much as you want. 

Learn more about your Guide Merlin

Matthew “Merlin” Kenney is a classical astrologer, a trained philosopher, a translator of Ancient Greek and Sanskrit, a journeyman herbalist, and an energy healer trained in several traditions.

As an academic and a scholar, he utilizes intellectual rigor to restore the worldview and astrological prowess of the ancient world and apply it to the modern day. By deciphering ancient texts and utilizing his knowledge of comparative linguistics and ancient history, he can excavate hidden meanings behind the sources we have, and turn those into gems for contemporary practice.

As a dedicated spiritual practitioner, Merlin uses the information that his own research and spiritual practices yield to guide his clients and students on their paths towards wholeness and spiritual flourishing. He focuses on total, unabashed empowerment, taking the call to Godhood present within ancient sources quite literally.

Merlin’s daily spiritual practice incorporates Astrological Magic, Hatha yoga, Daoist neigong, and Daoist circle walking. He devotes hours every day to meditation, physical conditioning, energy work, astrological analysis, and cultivating right relations with the spirits.

However, following the cue from his own teachers (and cautionary tales from other magicians…), he doesn’t take himself too seriously and values the indispensable spiritual practices of playing board games with friends, perfecting the art of crafting unbelievably tasty Thai curries, and pretending to be a bunny, squirrel, or some other woodland fauna.

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