An Online Self-Study Course

Essential Herbalism

Potent Herbal Knowledge for Optimal Health


 Led by Indigo Donaldson 

Permaculture Educator, Herbalist, and Holistic Healer

Six Modules  

Over 12 hours of Course Material 


$233 (Monthly Plans Available)



In this six-module course, you will learn, discover, and explore the multitude of ways that herbs are here to assist humans in maintaining optimal health and thriving on this planet we share with them. 

The course is designed to meet the needs of many types of people learning about the basics of herbalism and the health of our bodies.

You will learn the basics of herbal healing from using herbs every day for preventative health to healing specific imbalances in your body.



During this course, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain proficiency in identifying different plants within their natural environments
  • Understand the medicinal uses and effects of various plants on our body systems, including which plants are specifically beneficial for each system
  • Acquire knowledge of herb harvesting techniques
  • Discover innovative approaches to prepare herbs and incorporate them into your daily routine
  • Develop skills in medicine-making, recognizing the healing potential of food, and utilizing herbs for children
  • Cultivate the ability to find inner calmness, practice meditation, and attune yourself to the wisdom of plants and your intuition, which are an integral aspect of learning, self-empowerment, and healing


There will be different learning techniques used so that every type of learner feels satisfied. Learning about plants always is a fun and fascinating journey of self-discovery and connection with kindred spirits. 

Sample of Course Topics:


  • Basic knowledge of how each body system functions and their inter-connectedness

  • Herbs, foods, and practices to nourish, balance and strengthen each body system and ourselves as whole

  • Identifying herbs and the many techniques to incorporate them in our lives

  • Herbal formulas, food as medicine, recipes, and great sources to purchase herbs

  • Techniques and practices such as breathing and meditation exercises


In each module, you will learn how to use herbs and foods as preventive medicines as well as remedies for specific ailments in each body system.  

  • Module 1:¬†Nervous System¬†
  • Module 2:¬†Liver & Digestive System¬†
  • Module 3: Immune System¬†
  • Module 4: Endocrine System (Chakras or Energy Centers)
  • Module 5: Reproductive System¬†
  • Module 6: Circulatory System
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Empowering Wellness: The Inspiring Journey Behind Indigo's Course

When I became passionate about studying herbalism at the age of 18, I had already been living a life of digestive problems and hormone imbalances since I was a child. I did not grow up living a natural lifestyle. I grew up on industrial food filled with chemicals and hormones and allopathic doctors and medicines. This I believe threw my digestion and hormones off.

I was always suffering physically, emotionally, and spiritually and no doctor‚Äôs advice was helping. Then one time a friend gave me a book entitled ‚ÄúThe Herb Book‚ÄĚ because she learned how to make lip gloss in it.¬†

I immediately read the book from cover to cover fascinated by all the herbs, their uses, and ailments they could help! 

That day, 38 years ago, started my own healing and my life-long passion, career, and study of herbal medicine! 

I no longer have the anxiety, digestive, or hormone imbalances that I had in childhood because of these practices and remedies I will teach you.

Meet Indigo Donaldson

Indigo Donaldson is a holistic healer who has studied natural healing of the human body as well as the ecology and healing of the earth.

Her primary area of study and experience is in western herbalism, along with an understanding of Chinese medicine and Asian bodywork techniques.

She is also a permaculture educator and designer, with the understanding that there is an important symbiotic relationship between a healthy human being and their environment. She holds a Fine Art and Design degree, Clinical Herbal Certificate from an intensive 2-year reputable school-The Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies, and Permaculture Certificates from Regenerative Design Institute and Permaculture Skills Center. She has completed teacher training courses in holistic education with the intent to create courses that all the different types of learners understand. She owns two herbal medicine companies at present, Indigo Herbals and Surya Care.

Her main goal is to teach and pass on all the knowledge and wisdom she has gained over the past 35 years of study. There has not been a more important time in history to assist people to feel empowered and understand that they hold the key to their own thriving well-being.

What previous students say about Indigo's courses:

‚ÄúIndigo teaches with incredible detail that is still easily consumable.¬† Her material is thoughtfully presented.¬†If you are looking to deepen or enlighten your herbal education, I highly recommend her classes.¬†I lost faith in modern medical and have always been interested in the benefits of herbs, after taking her classes this enhanced my path to extend herbal use and gardening.¬†Indigo has immense knowledge and I would recommend her sharings to all.‚ÄĚ
- Ahna Rymer
"I attended several of Indigo's classes on the benefits of herbalism having the ability to heal ailments and make one's life healthier. She is extremely knowledgeable about which herbs/plants are medicinal. She is able to explain the herb knowledge to a person like myself who has had no knowledge of this subject before. Her use of powerpoint also made the lesson easier for me to grasp and understand, and for note taking. I have also visited her garden, and this further helped me in the learning process to understand which parts of the plants are used, and prepared. She also brought in prepared beverages and tinctures that she created for the students to try, further adding to the learning process."
- Vanessa Lyon
"I really enjoyed Indigo's class on herbalism. Indigo has such a vast knowledge of herbs and natural remedies, and shares ways to easily integrate the use of them in daily life in a way that is accessible and practical. I was looking for specific ways I could integrate some natural remedies in the care of a sick family member, so after the class, I booked a one-on -one with Indigo. I am so grateful for her support and for what I was able to learn from her in that time!" 

- Elena T. 

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  • Six 2-Hour Classes
  • PDF of Each Presentation
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  • Bonus Materials¬†

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  • Six 2-Hour Classes
  • PDF of Each Presentation
  • Portal available 24/7 with recorded classes + material
  • Bonus Materials¬†

Pay Monthly | 9 Months


  • Six 2-Hour Classes
  • PDF of Each Presentation¬†
  • Portal available 24/7 with recorded classes + material
  • Bonus Materials¬†

  "The goal of this course is to help simplify the incorporation of herbals into your daily routine, making it as effortless as eating and drinking. Instead of it being a burdensome task, requiring choking down pills, or a distasteful concoction, I want taking herbs to seamlessly blend into your lifestyle to ensure you benefit from the healing properties they provide."