Cacao: Medicine for the Heart with Florencia Fridman

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Theobroma Cacao is a powerful vehicle to bring conversations of unification and awareness as chocolate is a common understanding of love for most cultures all over the world.

This sacred plant has so much to teach us about unconditional love and how to embody this frequency.

We will take a journey through the guidance of Theobroma Cacao to understand how this ancient plant supported many of the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica, the development and global distribution of Cacao, how it shifted from a sacred plant into a commoditized product. Although it has been understood that Cacao is a sacred food for the Mayas, Aztecs, Olmecs, and Toltecs (within other ancient cultures), we see how the world is coming back to understand the sacred of Theobroma Cacao. This sacred plant can support our process of the development of the new story being written for humanity and our planet.

Florencia shares insight from indigenous elders especially the Mayas of Guatemaya and Sapara Nation of Ecuador.

This course also shares about reciprocity, the importance of offerings, how to connect with our creative expression, deepening our connection to the dream world, and through the language of Cacao- the language of love, we can cultivate a more harmonious relationship with out sacred Mother Earth.

Florencia Fridman is a self-empowerment artist working with heart opening therapies involving Ceremonial Grade Cacao, yoga, sound journeys, and breath as instruments for transformation.

She believes in creating a safe vessel for self-exploration.
Florencia is passionate about supporting the voices of indigenous nations, wisdom keepers, and guardians of the sacred lands. She studies under Tz'utujil Mayan elder Nana Marina Cruz from Guatemala and Manari Ushigua from the Sapara Nation of Ecuador. She has been working with rebirthing (a breathing modality) since the age of 8 with the guidance of her mother and Leonard Or.
Florencia graduated from Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in 2013 and has been traveling internationally sharing her passion for Theobroma Cacao through education and ceremony.
Florencia has opened for Deepak Chopra and has facilitated ceremonies for the corporate world at Spotify. She was a ceremony guide resident at The Assemblage, NYC prior to Covid.

She is the co-Founder of Cacao Lab, a Ceremonial Cacao brand aiming to bridge the gap between the modern culture and the indigenous communities.

Cacao: Medicine for the Heart

A journey through the guidance of Theobroma Cacao

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