A Live Zoom Course

The Art of Ritual Theater

Rites of the Muse
Part I: Solo Offering


led by Isis Indriya & Eve Bradford


 2024 Cohort 

Starting Monday, March 25, 2024 
5:00pm - 7:00pm PST

* COURSE INCLUDES: 7 Modules | 7 Two-Hour Calls on Zoom




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In this seven-module course, you will explore the nuanced craft of Ritual and Performance with masters of the art form, Isis Indriya and Eve Bradford. 

Ritual Theater is an ancient cross-cultural practice that holds the origins of all theater. The teachings bridge the performative catharsis and creative expression of the stage with the profound transformation and multi-dimensional healing of ceremonial practice.

The Art of Ritual Theater

In this long-awaited two-part course offering, Isis and Eve synthesize decades of collaborative experience in the art form that first brought them together: Ritual Theater.

The Course is a two-part series: 

  • The Art of Ritual Theater I: Solo Offering (online) is an exploration of solo offering, giving an introduction to the foundational understandings of this craft while developing the fundamentals of living mythologically, archetypal embodiment, ritual structure as narrative structure, oracular scriptwriting, sacred adornment, and the practical magic of sound and light.
  • The Art of Ritual Theater II: Collective Offering (in-person) is a second-level course to create an in-person collective offering, similar to our beloved Ritual Theater Immersions of the past. Part I is a requirement to join Part II, or prior approval from the instructors. More to come about this course. 

Students will engage in this initiatory work on both individual and community levels, learning to be vessels for timeless myths to reveal themselves and their medicine for our current stories. This work intentionally dissolves the conventional boundaries between audience and performer; between art, activism, and prayer.

The course utilizes a variety of generative theater games and ritual practices to build tools for navigating the unknown and holding sacred creative space within the context of public performance. We recognize and refine the unique keys that each person holds for breathing life into these stories of power.    

The primary purpose of this course is to reawaken our individual and community relationship with the lineage of this sacred art form, creating offerings of great potency, with cultural, spiritual, and artistic worth.

"We offer ourselves as vessels for the stories of power to awaken the hearts and minds of the people and to unite us in the beauty and medicine of a mythic way of life." - Isis and Eve

Part I: Solo Offering will cover the following seven modules:


Module 1: Foundation: Personal Rites & Solo Performance
  • Cross-Cultural History of the Ancient Connection between Ritual and Theater
  • Exploring the Central Role of Myth in Ritual & Performance
  • Personal & Cultural Stories: the Purpose of Initiation
  • Rites of Lightning
  • Ritual Structure as Plot/Narrative
  • Living Mythologically
  • The Art of Story: Stories that Shape the World
  • Audience as Participant
  • Archetypal Awareness
  • Archetypes by Divination
Module 2: Where History Meets Mystery: Honing the Craft
  • The Body as Temple: Becoming a Vessel
  • Art as Offering: Offering as Art
  • Where Transmission Meets Scholarship¬†
  • Communing with Ancestral Stories
  • Opening the Voice: to Listen, to Speak, to Sing, to Write
  • Roles¬†
    • Sacred Clown
    • Orator
    • Initiate
    • Oracle
    • Temple Dancer
    • Chorus
  • Theater Games w/Adam Doyle
Module 3:  Listening While Speaking: Oracular Scriptwriting 
  • The 78 Archetypes
  • Divine Architecture¬†
  • Script Development for Experimental and Narrative Forms
  • Share the Blueprint to Work With
  • Soundscape as Narrative/Ritual Structure
  • Theater Games w/Adam Doyle
Module 4:  The Ritual of Rehearsal: The Journey is the Destination
  • Altar as Anchor
  • Building the Temple
  • Pathways of Improvisation
  • Presence & Adornment: The Robes & Garments of the Archetypes
  • Becoming the Story
  • Theater Games w/Adam Doyle
Module 5: Awakening the Senses: The Subtle Magic of Light & Sound
  • The Practical Magic of Technology
  • The Field of Options
  • Soundscript¬†
  • Lighting and Projection
  • Theater Games w/Adam Doyle
Module 6: God is in the Details
  • Communing w/Ancestral Lineages & Roles
  • Ritual Adornment
  • Engaging Expressions of Ritual Archetypes in Tradition & Culture
  • Theater Games w/Adam Doyle
Module 7:  Becoming the Story: Offerings in Ritual 
  • Final Performance Offerings
  • The Magnetics of Active Witness¬†


All modules will be live recorded.

Any course materials will be available in a course portal for you to reference as you wish.

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Schedule of Classes

All classes are from 5:00pm - 7:00pm PST on Mondays 

Monday March 25, 2024

Monday April 1, 2024

Monday April 8, 2024

Monday April 15, 2024

Monday April 22, 2024 

Monday April 29, 2024

Monday May, 6 2024 

During this extraordinary course, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Become empowered as a creator of your own mythological expression

  • Learn to engage in this initiatory work on both individual and community levels
  • Become a vessel for timeless myths to reveal themselves
  • Dissolve the conventional boundaries between audience and performer
  • Build tools for navigating the unknown and holding sacred creative space within the context of public performance
  • Reawaken your individual and community relationship with the lineage of this sacred art form

Meet Isis Indriya & Eve Bradford

Devoted to the study of the mystical sciences, Isis and Eve have cultivated a mythological way of life through 20+ years of collaboration in various forms such as ritual theater, oracular studies, open-fire ceremonial feasts,  conference and festival production, and facilitation of community rituals from intimate groups and to over 30k.

They have taught and led journeys all over the world from  England to Bali,  the sunshine coast of Canada to the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and from the heart of their homes in Nevada City, CA and Santa Fe, NM. 

Ritual Theater is what first brought them together and has been a cord of continuity throughout all of their shared works, culminating in their beloved Rites of Lightning Ritual Theater Immersions, where a group of 20+ participants co-create an original ritual theater offering over the course of a week and perform it together at various festivals including Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, and Oregon Eclipse.

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"The studies of ritual theater with Isis and Eve have unlocked the ancient memories of this sacred work stored within my DNA. When learning from them, I continuously experience a sense of awe and belonging. Ritual Theater has always called my soul and been a natural expression for me artistically and when I found these women, I found a source of infinite wisdom and refined nourishment. Beyond grateful for their devotion to this craft and for bringing forth their particular approach through sharing their teachings."
- Roxanne Ruby 
"The discovery of Ritual Theatre with Isis and Eve was a pivotal moment in my life. Through a series of synchronicities, I ended up in a multi-day immersion of theirs, with no context of their work or ritual theatre. While I had already been doing "prayer-formance" style performance art and intuitive personal rituals, I was blown away that these two incredible souls had distilled a mysterious piece of my life's work into a cohesive modality. This is deep work. This is real magic. Eve and Isis are profoundly skilled guides and a powerhouse team in this realm. If you are feeling called to do this work with them, I can't suggest it enough."  
- Maz

"The spirits speak the language of ritual and theatre and when they come together we get an alchemy that moves beyond both modalities. Eve and Isis have a particularly elegant way of bridging play and prayer, in order to create transformative participatory experiences. Over the years I have seen almost unreal occurrences in and around their ritual theater. From calling the rains and the rains coming down, to people asking for healing and healing occurring. I'm in awe of these ways and in reverence of the distinct artistry in which Eve and Isis pass this wisdom forward."
- Ariella Powers

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Part I: Solo Offering

2024 Cohort 


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Part I: Solo Offering

2024 Cohort 


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Part I: Solo Offering

2024 Cohort 


If you are searching to embody deeper creativity and become a vessel for sacred expression... this course is for you.