A Live Online Course

The Ancient Books of the AfterLife:

Crafting Your Spiritual Contract


Led by Rev. Dr. Normandi Ellis

Award-Winning Author, Educator, and Leading Expert on Hieroglyphic Text


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3 Classes over Zoom


Cohort 1:  Completed

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On Thursdays, January 4, 11 and 25, 2024

5:30 - 7:30 pm PST

(Live on Zoom with lifetime access to replays)

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Join us for this 3-part course where we will dive into the powerful study of the ancient Egyptian mysteries, which is an ongoing life process.

Rev. Dr. 
Normandi Ellis, world-renowned author and expert on hieroglyphic texts, will guide us through her years of research studying the ancient Egyptian texts including the Pyramid Texts, Coffin Texts, and Books of the Dead. 

In every part of this course, we will examine the mindset behind these ancient texts and begin to write our own Books of the Dead, the book of your heart. 

Normandi teaches that the scribes of ancient Egypt were masters of hieroglyphic thinking, which gave them the power to create worlds through their words. Normandi's teachings show that by writing like scribes we can give our dreams form and recognize our life's purpose.

In this upcoming course, we will learn how to think and write like a scribe as we craft our own Books of the Dead and connect more deeply with our own spiritual contract.

"As you begin creating your Book of the Dead, you begin the process of contemplating your soul constantly. You're not just copying something. Part of doing your inner soul work is learning your own soul’s salvation as you do the work."

- Normandi Ellis

 Welcome to "The Ancient Books of the AfterLife: Crafting Your Spiritual Contract"

  Led by Rev. Dr. Normandi Ellis

The ancient Egyptians created their Books of the Dead as prayer books to prepare themselves for their passage beyond and to support others in their transition.
The true name of what we call The Egyptian Book of the Dead was known to the Egyptians as The Book of Coming into Light.
The manuscript reveals how we are living vehicles for the consciousness of the universe. Whether existing on the physical plane or in the astral afterlife, we are a language of light, adhering to light codes embedded in our atoms, molecules, and DNA. 
This is why understanding the contents of the Book of Coming into Light is important now, rather than trying to navigate the afterlife without this knowledge.

In this course, we’ll learn about these ancient prayers and texts and be guided in meditations by Normandi to connect with our own prayers and Neteru (divine principles of creation in the form of plants, deities, animals, etc) that make up the pantheon for our own Book of Coming into Light (Book of the Dead).

The scribes who created the hundreds of books of the afterlife chapter by chapter, who inscribed the coffins and tomb walls, who worked the inscriptions of golden shrine boxes, considered themselves the most blessed of Egyptians.  

"The scribe who knows these inscriptions is a thousand times blessed," the ancients used to say. Their knowledge of the Book of the Dead gave them insight into how to live their lives as beings of light, of choice, and of illuminated consciousness.  

This is why we create our own books.

The Books of the Afterlife were intended for study by the living in order to negotiate their life on earth and their afterlife.

As Normandi shares, "After I became a Spiritualist minister, I realized many people still did not know how to approach their loved ones who had died and did not know how to speak to them as they were dying. I felt this journey to Osiris and into Duat might help."

By taking this course and crafting your own Book of the Dead, you will:

  • Learn more about your spiritual journey and gain a clearer sense of purpose in your life

  • Experience increased joy and fulfillment in your daily existence

  • Learn how your thoughts and actions influence your reality

  • Reduce your fear of the unknown as you uncover the mysteries of existence

  • Create your own personalized prayers for guidance, protection, and empowerment

  • Gain skills to support your loved ones who are in transition

  • Learn to approach those who have crossed the other side


Course Program:


In this course, we will look at the creation of various afterlife texts as we begin crafting our own Book of Coming into Light (Book of the Dead).

The ancient texts we'll cover include:
  • Pyramid texts - Texts about ascension and rebirth
  • Coffin texts - Texts about protection as you pass through the underworld
  • Book of the Dead - A combination of the first two texts, as well as your interaction and conversations and invocations to the deities
  • Other portions of text may include: The Book of Two Ways,¬†The Appeasing of Sekhmet,¬†Negative Confessions,¬†The Hours of the Night, and Knowing the Shadows of Ra

We will also begin to create portions of our own Book of Coming into Light through the examples given in the new, revised edition of Normandi's book 
Awakening Osiris.

Some of the chapters of our own books we will work on include:
  • Becomings - Connecting with the various stages of your transformation into your power animal, object, plant, or deity (Neteru)
  • Protections - Prayers of protection for your life and as you transition¬†
  • Travelogue - Mapping the underworld (unconscious), which you go through also while you‚Äôre awake
  • Other sections may include: Confessions, Story of Creation, Climbing the Ladders into Heaven, and Hymns to the Neteru (the divine principles of creation)¬†
"The mission of my course is to startle you awake so that you can find beauty in the daily round, contemplate your death before it happens, discover how thought precedes manifestation, and rest assured that after the first death, there is no other."
- Normandi Ellis

Schedule of Classes

Cohort 1

On Wednesdays, December 6, 13 & 20, 2023

5:30 - 7:30 pm PST
(Live on Zoom with lifetime access to replays)

Cohort 2 

On Thursdays, January 4, 11 and 25, 2023
(Notice, we skip one week)

5:30 - 7:30 pm PST

(Live on Zoom with lifetime access to replays)

For those unable to make the live Zoom sessions, all classes will be recorded and uploaded into the Academy Portal within 24-48 hours. You will have lifetime access to replays.

What other luminaries say about Normandi Ellis:

 “Normandi Ellis is a genius. Her years of study of the ancient Egyptian language, her deep understanding of the spiritual message of the ancient Egyptian texts, and her exceptional gifts as a poet combine to make Awakening Osiris the best and most beautiful interpretation ever offered of the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead."

-Graham Hancock

"Awakening Osiris is not only a translation in a book of Egyptian religion, but also a spiritual work that will serve many pagans as a prayer book of sorts, a book of meditations - something not to be read and left on the shelf, but to return to repeatedly.

- Judika Illes

“Her book Hieroglyphic Words of Power is a work of genius. Normandi Ellis, the author of this mind-cracking, soul-shaking work, is a Once and Future priestess, poet, and practitioner of the mystery, magic and spiritual Arts of ancient Egypt."

‚Äď Jean Houston

Meet Normandi Ellis

Rev. Normandi Ellis is a high priestess of Isis and is considered an expert on hieroglyphic texts of ancient Egypt. She is an award-winning author, Spiritualist minister, astrologer, and certified clairvoyant medium through the Indiana Association of Spiritualists.

Her 14 published books include the spiritual classic, Awakening Osiris, translations from the hieroglyphs found in the Book of the Dead, Imagining the World into Existence, and the Ancient Tradition of Angels, as well as many other books, articles, and poems.

She offers clairvoyant circles, metaphysical classes, and private consultations (phone or in person). She is a founding partner of Two Ladies Travel Co.

 Join Normandi for her course, "The Ancient Books of the AfterLife: Crafting Your Spiritual Contract" - second cohort beginning Jan 4th 2024! 

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"Most people need to know what will happen when they are dead, and the best time to write your Book of the Dead is while you're alive. You need to know where you're going and write your spiritual contract. You write it in order to learn it, and you learn it by writing it.""

- Normandi Ellis